Christmas is full of magic and there’s nothing more magical than turning rubbish clearance into beautiful Christmas decorations that can be used for years, even decades, all while keeping rubbish out of the landfill and the Christmas spirit close to heart.

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While you’re drinking hot chocolate, and stirring it with a candy cane stick, you can ponder the ideas below to get your creative juices flowing. Then, after you get your Christmas sugar rush, we suggest you put on your Christmas Elf Hat and get to work!

Unique Rubbish Garland

If you’ve ever strung popcorn for the tree, you’ll know how simple it is to make garland. Every year, many families get dozens of Christmas cards. They display them for the season and then bin them in their rubbish clearance after the holiday is over. Rescue those Christmas cards and string them together to make a Christmasy garland for your tree or to swag across your doorways or high on your walls. You can leave the cards intact or have a family project of cutting out the best parts of the cards before you string them together. You could also use a cookie cutter to trace out Christmas shapes on top of decorated cards, such as stars or gingerbread men. Then, you can string these cut-outs to make a very unique Christmasy garland.

You can use certain types of rubbish clearance to make garland that looks like old-fashioned popcorn garland.

Here’s the idea above in reverse, so to speak. If you do any ordering online, no doubt you’ve gotten packages filled with white “peanuts.” If not, you can try looking through the rubbish clearance bins at office buildings to find some. Squish these a bit and they look a lot like popcorn!

You can also find other items in rubbish clearance bins that can be made to look at lot like cranberries or gumdrops, two more classic garland items that are often alternated between the popcorn to give it a colorful festive feel! For example, the green, red, and orange styrofoam that is often used to hold dried bouquets together (or at the bottom of some Easter baskets) can be cut to look like colorful gumdrops! If you can’t find this, you can always wad up crinkled paper to make colorful balls to string between your peanut packaging material “popcorn!”

Use Old Christmas Wrapping Paper Or Christmas Packaging For Origami

If you receive a gift before Christmas, don’t throw away the gift wrapping. Save it and make Christmas origami out of it. You can do the same with the Christmas packaging found on so many items around the holidays that is often binned and headed to the landfill!

An origami crane turns into an origami Christmas crane if you use Christmas paper to make it!

Make eight of these origami Christmas cranes and then dig some pencils or other balancing objects out of the rubbish clearance bin to make a unique origami Christmas crane mobile for a kid’s room or to hang in your office. To learn how to make origami, turn to YouTube, as you’ll not only be able to read the instructions, you can actually watch exactly how they crease the paper and how they fold it.

An origami rose turns into an origami Christmas rose, which you could then turn into a bouquet of origami Christmas roses! Salvage something out of the rubbish clearance bin to serve as a vase (or you can decorate it into a vase) and put your bouquet of Christmas origami roses in it for a Christmas gift straight from the heart that will be treasured for years by the recipient! Do you know someone who collects frogs, pigs, or cats? Learn how to make an origami frog, pig, or cat. Then use Christmas packaging to fold one. Now, you have the perfect Christmas gift for your collector! One they’ll treasure forever.

Let the Shape Speak Christmas To You

Many wood carvers say they let the wood “speak” to them and lead them to what they carve. They may see an owl in one branch and a rabbit in another. You can do the same with plastic containers or other items rescued from a rubbish clearance bin. Some people may automatically see a rotund happy snowman in the distinctive shape of a Pom pomegranate juice bottle!

Others may see the shape of an angel in a Dawn dish washing liquid bottle!

Disposable coffee creamer containers look a lot like little Christmas bells when turned upside down, perfectly sized for decorating a miniature Christmas tree!

Around Christmas, every time you spy a rubbish clearance bin, you should be looking for junk shaped like an isosceles triangle or a cone! Large or small, you can easily turn items shaped like these into a Christmas tree decoration! You’ll just need to “spruce” it up some… pun intended folks… Merry Christmas!


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