The 2004 romantic comedy “50 First Dates” offered a novel, though somewhat implausible, premise — and I don’t mean that Drew Barrymore would find Adam Sandler irresistible. The heroine of the tale, afflicted with short-term memory loss, woke up each morning with a clean slate, thinking it was the same day, with no recollection of anything that happened the day before.

Who knew the president of the United States, most members of a political party and White House staff would suffer from the same condition?

Would that the rest of the country and the world could do the same.

No bill of love

In the case of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Sens. Lindsey Graham and Richard J. Durbin thought they had a deal worked out, according to a Washington Post timeline, one that would have protected about 700,000 young people brought illegally to this country as children, while offering the administration concessions on border security funding and immigration guidelines.

But the president quickly forgot his pledged willingness to compromise on a “bill of love.”

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