The quintessential Mexican game Lotería came by way of Spain and is often referred to as “Mexican Bingo.” The bingo cards pictured above were created by Mexican artist Patricia Espinosa and are dedicated to Mr. Trump, a.k.a. Trumpig. The coplas (aphorisms) accompanying these cards were written by Martha Bátiz. In the old days, coplas were typically “sung” when a card was revealed.

Espinosa’s Loteria collection addresses and highlights important and prevailing social, cultural and political issues both in her native Mexico and in the U.S. where she now lives. See more of Espinosa’s work.
El Cerdo
Puro pelo y poco seso ostenta el gringo portentado.
A este chancho racista lo hará chicharrón el voto hispano.
The Pig
Lots of hair and little brain does one gringo flaunt.
This racist hog will be crushed by the weight of Latino vote!


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