Tiresome is not the appropriate word to use when it comes to the consequences of the continuous lies spread by the GOP. A more appropriate choice would be disgusting. The latest example is their attempt to pass off the Cassidy-Graham health care bill as a boon to consumers and to those who worry that they will lose their coverage. It is a lie. This bill is as bad as the rest of the legislation proposed by the GOP and, once again, rather than a thoughtful deliberate bipartisan process, Mitch McConnell and friends are trying to push it through. Yesterday, however, they hit a big speed bump, and his name was Jimmy Kimmel.

Senator Bill Cassidy one of the sponsors of the bill, came on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last May and promised him that he would not support a bill that would not “pass the Jimmy Kimmel test.”  Jimmy Kimmel did not forget his promise and when this awful bill was drafted it didn’t take long for Kimmel to level Cassidy in his monologue on Tuesday night. The monologue went viral and caused a massive response from both sides of the aisle.  Who came out the winner?

Let’s just say that truth has a way of winning.




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