Under Obamacare, pre-existing conditions had to be covered and you couldn’t be charged more for your policy because of them.  he playing field was level. Under Obamacare, maternity costs were covered, mental health costs were covered, emergency room visits, preventive and wellness visits, in addition to a total of 10 essential services, were required to be covered by insurance.

All of that is NOT in the Cassidy-Graham bill. While pre-existing conditions do have to be covered, you can be charged more, which would likely make your insurance coverage unaffordable.

Obamacare eliminated annual and lifetime caps on insurance, to keep people from bankruptcy in the face of catastrophic or chronic illness. It also provided federal subsidies to people unable to afford insurance and expanded Medicaid.  All of that is gone under the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Instead, money will go to the states, which they will distribute. Every major medical organization has come out against the bill. Does that make a difference to the Republicans? Nope. Their goal has always been to repeal at all costs - even people lives.

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